The ability to reduce high cholesterol levels, an important risk factor for heart disease and stroke, is one of the greatest advances in recent medical history. Our highly-trained physicians advocate a combination of lifestyle modification and medications to treat patients with high cholesterol levels (hyperlipidemia) or abnormal cholesterol levels (dyslipidemia).

We also specialize in treating patient who cannot tolerate statin or other prescription lipid-lowering drugs due to adverse effects, most notably muscle aches and weakness, and patients who desirer an alternative or non-pharmacologic approach to treating their cholesterol levels. Finally we are experts at treating patients with familial hypercholesterolemia or complex or difficult to control lipid levels. Our physicians will utilize the latest scientific research and medical advancements to individualize a lipid-lowering strategy that will work for our patients!

*Drs. Gordon and Schussheim have advanced training in lipid management and are two of the only physicians in Connecticut who are Diplomates of the American Board of Clinical Lipidology. Dr. Gordon has published and lectured extensively on the use of alternative lipid-lowering therapies.

Useful Links of Cholesterol and Lipid Control:

Figure 5: cholesterol plaque build-up


Figure 6: How cholesterol winds up in your arteries


Figure 7:Plaque Build-up In Arteries